A Day in the Life of My Laptop – Lockdown Edition

Being her laptop is a job I am not proud of; she spends way too much time with me.

Today I will describe a long day of being stared at and typed with.

It is a Monday, great. A long and dreary day awaits. Here she comes, looking like a scruff as per usual. She could have tried to look presentable for a change. Her lecturers will not be very impressed to find that she is eating, lying in her PJs and scrolling through Tik Tok while they speak. Gosh, she eats so much junk. For heaven’s sake, stop bashing the keyboard when you type. Here comes another mental breakdown, great. “I’m going to fail,” “I should just drop out.” I have heard it all way too many times, I can predict her lines at this stage.

She usually logs off for some time at this point. Thank goodness, I was beginning to get sick of seeing her face glare at me. I wonder if she even remembers what the outside world looks like. Does she know the last time she left her home, because I certainly don’t.

That ‘break’ did not last too long, did it? Right, time for more lectures, accompanied with a lack of concentration. I must admit she is quite the procrastinator. After a productive day of doing nothing, it’s time to browse some shopping sites and waste money on things she doesn’t need. One of her talents.

She has had enough of me now, and her not so productive working day has come to an end. Must she slam the laptop shut when she’s done?

Image courtesy of Sincerely Media.

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