The Christmas Market

The aroma of sweet, salty and spice

The stalls are lined with all things nice

The cold air bites at my skin

Festivities originated from Berlin

Around every corner lights are twinkling

People cheering, dancing, singing

Velvet hot chocolate burns my lip

Yet I yearn for just another sip

Candles, crafts and decoration

Jams and chutneys within in a mason 

You hold my hand, warm and tight

On this cold and magical night 

German bratwurst, churros and cheese

Through the vibrant crowds we squeeze

Past many glasses as they clink

Towards the glistening ice-skate rink

A chalkboard reads ‘we sell mulled wine’

In amongst the trees of pine 

The chestnuts roasting on an open flame

I think I hear someone call my name

We start to head back towards the car

The lights start to fade into afar

Inside I feel happy but heavy-hearted

I don’t want to leave the Christmas market

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