Mr. Lump, A Children’s Story

Once upon a time, there lived a large orange man called Mr. Lump. Mr. Lump was in charge of a large town full of many people. Mr. Lump told everyone what to do and where to go, pointing this way and that. The people in this town did not like how Mr. Lump treated them. He had everything while they had nothing. When the people of Lump town told Mr. Lump they were unhappy with how things were, Mr. Lump shrugged his shoulders and went back inside his house made of gold without saying a word. The Lump town people grew sad and sick. They knocked on Mr. Lump’s house to ask for his help but he did not open the door. Instead he shouted through the letter box and said, “You’re not sick! Go away!” The people of Lump town tried to knock again but Mr. Lump was silent. More people crowded around Mr. Lump’s door. This time they told him that the fields were growing less green and the animals of Lump town were dying. Mr. Lump shouted through his letter box again, “Liars! Lump Town will always be full of life.” More people crowded around his doorstep once again. They told him that the police were not being very nice and they wanted everyone to be treated equally. Mr. Lump shouted through his letter box once more and said, “Nonsense! Everyone is already equal!” This time, Mr. Lump heard silence. No more people came to complain. He looked through his letter box once more, and saw he was utterly alone. Everyone had left Lump Town. 

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