Letters From Lockdown 99: Natalie Jayne Clark

Dear Ladies,

Us four speak every single day. I wonder what others would think if they had a peek at just a slice of our WhatsApp group chat. I think they would see just how good female relationships can be: we are each other’s cheerleaders and champions, trustworthy teachers, relationship gurus – our own personal oracles. What would I do, what would I be, without this daily source of comfort, this daily outlet for sharing?

We live across three different council areas and although distance has been a barrier to our meeting in the past, now we are actually banned from crossing these borders. There have been brief periods in this time where we have been able to see each other, in the flesh, but only outside.

This is the longest we have been without a hug.

And our lives continue onwards despite everything around us slowing down. One of you has had a baby, the first in our foursome. Another one of you bought your first house. We have all had our birthdays in this period between March and now, and two of you turned thirty. How would we have celebrated and marked these events if it had been in any other year? I feel like our losses and challenges have been felt more keenly too, especially without that time to reconnect and recharge and let loose.

One of you said that we are on different ships in the same storm and that has stuck with me. It is easy to feel like you are alone in the ocean but we are part of the same fleet, communication channels open, knowing our Maydays will be responded to.  

Lots of love,


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