Letters From Lockdown 92: Neve Gordon-Farleigh

Dear motivation, 

Where are you? 

I mean seriously, where are you? I know I furloughed you for a week, however this extended vacation really does take the biscuit. Also, don’t think I hadn’t noticed that you took our good old friend productivity with you – I mean you could at least give me a chance. 

Hopefully this vacation for the pair of you will mean you come back even stronger. I did start to notice the cracks under the surface; I was starting to think you were doing a Hannah Montana – every time you were here, productivity wasn’t. 

They always say absence makes the heart grow fonder and I should definitely thank you and appreciate all you’ve done this year. I know since leaving school you’ve just been waiting for your time to shine and who could have known that a global pandemic would be your stage. 

It’s certainly been a tough year but you really have gone above and beyond. You may not think it but all your work means that every day, every week, every month we are edging closer and closer to the ultimate goal. 

I know sometimes the goal feels utterly and completely out of reach; however, if it wasn’t for you doing overtime and putting in all the late nights, that goal would be more out of reach than ever before. 

Confidence, belief, productivity, and purpose really can’t work in tandem without you, and at times you really are the missing piece of the puzzle. We all need to start working together and being a bit kinder to each other because when everything works out it’s magic. Just pure magic. 

You will be happy to know that your furlough period has now ended. Once you’ve finished taking your annual leave and quarantined I would appreciate you back on fine form, and by the bucket load if you don’t mind, please and thank you! 

I miss you,


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