Letters From Lockdown 91: South

Dear Mum and Dad,

I hope you’re both well and that lockdown isn’t getting you down. I know you’ve probably got a small villages’ supply of food and necessities in the garage, and plenty of medicines and vitamins to keep you both healthy. The dog is probably driving you both a little insane, as is my brother, but I hope that they are a light source of entertainment in this doom and gloom.

I hope you are enjoying lockdown Mum. You’re furloughed again which of course you love because even though you enjoy your job it’s always nice to put your feet up for a bit isn’t it?! I hope you are doing your best to deal with my brother, no matter how much he winds up the dog, and that he isn’t eating you out of house and home. Maybe he’s actually spending time with you and Dad in the evenings instead of being in his room. I appreciate he’s an almost 18 year old who needs his space but I also know just how much you like seeing him. I know you’re worried about him growing up and leaving, but you’ve still got a while yet. Enjoy his presence at home, he still loves you as much as he did when he was small, I promise.

I’m sorry that you can’t really go outside Dad, that you feel scared to walk the dog in the woods opposite the house, or even to go into the high street to collect your prescription. I know you say you enjoy going for a drive with the windows down in order to get some fresh air every now and then (and to keep the cars running), but it’s not the same as strolling through the cow-fields in the crisp evening air as the sun sets, is it? I’m sorry you don’t feel comfortable walking into your favourite coffee shop and getting your afternoon treat, and that you don’t get to have a chat with the baristas anymore. I know you miss their company, even if it was for a fleeting five minutes a day they were still another person you got to talk to who wasn’t your family. I’m sorry that the government have essentially forgotten about you and the many others that need to stay inside for this lockdown. It’s all very well and good being told to stay inside but the world is still turning, people are out and about and trying to get on with things, and I know you want to do the same but you’re scared to. I’m so sorry you feel like that Dad, and I want nothing more than to be within two metres of you so I can give you a big hug.

I promise I’ll do my best to make it home for Christmas, right now there is nothing I want more than to be with those I love the very most next month.

Stay strong. I love you.

Boo-boo xxx

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