Letters From Lockdown 85: Issy Steventon

Dear Future Issy,

Very original, writing a letter to yourself in the future, however there is part of me that enjoys doing it. Seeing how life has changed, reflecting on problems that seem so significant but when you read this, are miniscule and stupid. 

So, life, what’s going on right now for future me to look back on? I caught COVID-19, which was not fun at all, and I had to isolate in my room for ten days, which definitely tested me mentally. The loneliness was quite a lot to handle and cope with, but I’m guessing by the time you read this it’ll be over. 

I’ve made it into second year of university, which is a nice surprise, seeing as I barely thought I’d make it out of school, but here we are. I actually have started to enjoy my degree, and I’m trying a lot more than I did first year, and I think it shows. I’ve finally got some sort of counselling again, so a big whoop for a step forward into better mental wellbeing! 

I’m pretty poor right now, and I guess whenever you’re reading this in the future, it probably won’t have changed. I wanted to work on my fitness (although catching COVID messed that up), so hopefully when I read this in the future it will have improved, and I’ll be happier within myself. 

Shit happens. I know that more than anyone, but it’s the ability to get back up onto your feet that counts. I’ve loved and lost a lot of people, people that shouldn’t even be given a second thought, but that’s what we do in life. We give out our hearts and our energy to those who do not deserve it, and we learn to appreciate those who reciprocate it. 

At the moment, I’m trying to get my assignments done, despite having been physically and mentally ill, and it’s going moderately well. I’m taking little steps, and I’m getting there. One by one. 

2020 will be over soon, and I think we can all agree it’s been one hell of a ride. But we’re still here, plodding on, and we can keep going. 

So, whenever you read this, I hope you’re happy, and if you’re not, then I hope it’s not far off.

Love Issy xx

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