Letters From Lockdown 83: Aimee Dyson

Dear Kate,

From the first day I met you I took a shine to you; your confidence, your creativity, your kind nature. Being paired together during the culturosity event (what a name!) forced us to chat about our lives and we’ve been updating each other on life ever since.

Once we began our weekly Nero sessions I couldn’t look back; you became so special and important to me. You’re my partner in writing and you’re probably responsible for half of my degree to be honest. You’re the first person I’ll discuss new ideas with, ideas which you will endlessly motivate me to do. Most of my work probably wouldn’t get done if you weren’t there to encourage me to do it.

This past year has been tough without you (literally) by my side and I’ve had to settle for Facebook messages and Facetimes in place of sitting next to you in lectures. But you have motivated me and loved me regardless, even in times I didn’t believe in myself. I am so proud of everything you have achieved but I’m also excited about what you are yet to achieve. I know you’re going to do amazing things (but please, for the love of God start one of your ideas before you think of any more.)

Thanks for putting up with my drama, writing slumps and sudden urges for socialisation. Thanks for camping at Download with me for a week (and for still wanting to be my friend after that.) Thanks for loving me when I’m tired and lazy and annoying and sad and needy. Thanks for supporting even my most ridiculous ideas.

I have possibly spoken to you more over lockdown than I have in the previous two years but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are my support, my motivation, my encouragement. Our video calls have got me through and it’s a relief knowing you’re only ever at the end of the phone, and that doesn’t seem so far away.

Thanks for filling many otherwise empty hours with calls, laughs, project ideas and late dinners.

One day we will return to Nero to continue our weekly tradition but until then I’ll settle for video calls where we pretend to focus on writing.

Please never change; you’re wonderful.

All my love, Aimee x

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