Letters from Lockdown 77: Aimee Dyson

To my favourite housemates,

I miss you guys.

Eight months since we said goodbye at our house, only thinking we’d be separated a couple of months. A hurried goodbye and rushed departure isn’t how I imagined we would be parting ways.

With I’m a Celeb just days away I’m not ready to be watching it 100 miles from you. I want to be back at our cramped house, me rushing home from training to have a lightning speed shower before watching on +1 because you guys waited for me. (I love you for that.)

Coming home to you is just what I needed – on the bad days and the good.

You were always there throughout it all and I am eternally grateful for you both. You put up with my hungover Thursdays, my lazy Sundays, my numerous pizza deliveries, my laughter, my tears. You pulled me through some tough times and you always knew how to make things better.

I know we’ve all said it many times now but uni really wouldn’t have been the same without you. Imagine a world where I never discovered Dress to Impress, never binged The Chase, never enjoyed the drama of Four in a Bed – okay stop imaging, that world sounds shit. I still watch the occasional show but it’s just not the same without you guys.

Despite all the chaos of house and housemate searching (and there was a lot), I really did get incredibly lucky with you both.

Jess, thanks for being my fellow veggie and for putting up with me changing my outfit at least five times before every night out ever (sorry!) Thanks for three years of nights out, nights in, crap films, late night chats, shameless club dancing and trips to town.

Ella, thanks for dragging me to 9ams even when we both would’ve preferred sleep. Thanks for always giving me a well needed hug, for listening to my constant life drama, for motivating me through third year and for always believing in me.

Thank you both for all your love and support, I owe you guys. I really don’t know how you guys did it: you’re both superstars in my eyes.

I’m dreaming of the day we will be reunited as a three but for now our virtual quizzes are a good replacement. I hope a reunion isn’t too far away; there’s a tonne of trash tv just waiting to be watched.

See you soon.

Love Aimee x

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