Letters From Lockdown 75: South

Dear 25 year old me,

I wonder what the world will be like when you read this. I wonder if you will still feel the effects of 2020 in your society. Will you still wear masks out of habit? Out of respect for each other? Is physical contact with another person still really weird? Are you still hesitant to go into a friend’s house?

2020, as I’m sure you remember, hasn’t been great for the most part. Two national lockdowns, some personal trouble, leaving university without a proper goodbye, and being launched into adulthood with my stabilisers barely off – it’s all been a bit overwhelming.

I hope you’re in a better headspace. 2020 has pushed and pushed, I hope you’ve pushed back once or twice. I wonder where you’re living now. Did you ever move to the city? I hope you did, it’ll be good for you. How’re things with the concept? What’s their path now?

So many questions, sorry about that, they’re just things that I (and subsequently, you) have wondered recently. Everything is so up in the air and nothing seems certain anymore. Not that it did to start with to be fair. If truth be told, 21 year old you is scared. Terrified of trying to live in a world that she doesn’t understand, a world that is noisy and yet silent, she’s trying to pull through but she’s struggling. She won’t admit it to anyone who asks though, she’s always been stubborn like that. I wish there was a way you could soothe her when she’s left to her own thoughts, and I hope you have found a way to cope. We really need it right now.

I’ll see you soon old friend, whatever you may be doing. Let’s get a hot chocolate and talk.

Love from,

You x

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