Letters From Lockdown 72: Georgie Holmes

Dear home,

You are a lovely home.

I never quite realised how lucky I am to live here, until I moved out into the world’s worst student flat.

I wish I could lockdown in you again. Lockdown 1 was made better for your many windows letting in the sunlight, your huge green garden and the people inside of it.

They say home is where your heart is – and mine is definitely here. Whilst many students look forward to moving out of the family home, eager for independence, I sit in my cold student flat and long to be where the family is. Where the good food is. Where the garden is. Where the cats are.

Thank you, home, for being my safe place, my happy place. Thank you for all of the memories over the past 10 years. The family meals, the game nights, the all-nighters, the laughs, the friendships – all these long-lasting memories created within the home sustain me whilst I am away.

As I write this, I am home. But I am leaving you tomorrow, for 5 weeks. I will miss you, home. I will miss you more than I have ever done before, but I am so grateful that I can return to this place of warmth and happiness just in time for Christmas.

See ya soon, Christchurch x

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