The Secondhand Christmas

With Christmas not too far away, I’ve already begun thinking about what my four-year-old might ask Santa for. He’s already been asking for certain things and I’m keeping a list.

But over lockdown, I lost my job and money is very tight right now. As much as I would love to buy my child the very best, it’s just not feasible. Plus, it’s almost wasteful now.

Thanks to COVID, lots of local businesses are struggling and even some of the big name brands too. Everyone is struggling.

To ease some of the pressure, I’m going to be doing a secondhand Christmas. I’m going to start trawling the car boots and the charity shops in search of the perfect presents, at a smidgen of the original cost.

A lot of things my son is into are transferable in the sense that it’s either something that’s been out for years or planes, bugs, birds and anything else outdoors!

For his fourth birthday, I made him a ‘Andy Day’ vest complete with hat, so we could go off dinosaur hunting. I even ironed on some cute patches for him. It just takes a little more thought than you would normally put in.

My Mom makes candles in her spare time, so we could get some beautiful bone china tea sets and turn those into gifts for people too. I make fairy gardens on the side and those could be perfect for little girls. Presents don’t have to cost the earth and nearly always, handmade is best.

I’m looking forward to searching for some special gifts, after all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure!

Photo courtesy of Roman Kraft

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