Introducing: Black Women’s Directory

Here at The Hysteria Collective, we exist to highlight the amazing work created by incredible women. Therefore, we are honoured to promote the brilliant Black Women’s Directory:

“Black Women’s Directory (BWD) is a directory providing easy access to black women owned business and services. The directory was created to showcase and promote businesses owned by black women. Black women are the source of trends in fashion, makeup and popular culture yet are not celebrated in these arenas. So here at BWD, we have decided to celebrate ourselves. We are creating a community for us, by us.

Black women face racism and gender inequality, yet people do not recognise that we can and do experience both simultaneously. We are often left out of conversations and movements that we have started. BWD is a platform for us to showcase our amazing talents and abilities and to share with other black women and to the world. BWD was created to enhance black women’s presence and show that black women have successful businesses.”

To support BWD, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or search for them at

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