Freshers 2020: Putting You in the Picture

We all know the colloquialism, ‘you do you boo.’ It’s never been more true than at university. 

Coming to university can be a scary time. For almost everyone it is an entirely new experience; there are so many unknowns and it can be hard to know the right way to go about your time there. I have some news for you: there is no right way. The most important thing to do is be yourself, listen to your body and put yourself first.

University isn’t just about studying. I mean, that’s important, but there is so much more to this experience than just that. You have societies to join, sports to try, places to explore, people to meet, a new place to live, the list goes on. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by everything and it is so normal for that to happen. Someone once told me you have the honeymoon period, which lasts two weeks. Then you start to feel tired, poorly and like you have a thousand balls in the air. So many people experience this so firstly it’s important to remember you are not alone.

Figuring out what you need can help you to figure things out and keep a level head. Whether that means dropping a few balls because it is just too much for you right now, or going for a long walk to clear your head and get some fresh air. Some morning yoga maybe to set yourself up for the day, or a coffee with a friend. Prioritising yourself and your needs isn’t selfish or self-centred. In fact, by doing this you are able to focus on yourself which will ultimately benefit your studies, your social life and your personal life. Of course, it is important to consider others, and their feelings, but it’s also relevant to consider yourself, and as someone who has spent way too much time putting other people first, take it from me: it is okay to put yourself first every now and then.

Life can go from zero to sixty in the space of a couple of weeks and it can be hard to find your feet. Listening to what your body needs is such a valuable way to help you navigate all the ups and downs of the next few years. Whether that’s taking time out for yourself, or joining something new, make sure you are thinking of your best interests and not getting caught up in what you think people want or need you to do. When things start to feel too much, or even in the morning before the day really begins, take a minute to think about everything you have going on and put yourself in that picture. Does it help you? Can you handle it then and there? University is exciting, terrifying and crazy all at the same time, but as long as you do you, things will get easier!

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