Everything started to make sense with you. You helped me realise that it would always be impossible to feel an attraction to someone you were never meant to be attracted to. I only realised that because the total ease it took to adore you was natural, comfortable and exciting!

I knew things were right, from the lack of fear when you touched my thigh, and the warm feeling when we kissed. The only shudders my body felt were the good kind. My brain was present, and so were mountains of emotions that I didn’t know I could feel.

This time last year, Narnia was a fictional place that I wasn’t able to actually step into. I could see the door that I had to walk out of in the distance, but felt utter fear of walking through the many coats that I had to brush past in able to get there.

Although the chapter with you is closed, all I have is pure gratitude. You’ve shown me colours that I couldn’t previously see, and I’ve been able to fearlessly open the door and step into the magical land that is Narnia.

Photo courtesy of Emily Toycen

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