Does social media leave you sad? Comparison culture ruling your life? Not sure who you – or anyone else for that matter is behind the filter? Well, that is what – The Authentic DatA Revolution – is trying to resolve.

Established by marketing expert, podcast co-host and founder of Drive Flowers, Verity Brown; TADAR is years in the making. Founded after feelings of misunderstanding and confusion about the data we share, social media algorithms and the versions of ourselves we share online, TADAR aims to create a place for real data, genuine data about individuals. Asking different and difficult questions on their survey to gain a rounded vision of who each individual is with the idea of seeing who actually makes up the people we interact with online.

With data bias concerns being vocalised in the last couple of years, TADAR aims to create a picture of sexuality, race, gender, religion, socioeconomic background and so much more.

TADAR want you to get involved with their project, so if you want to become a part of their important research, The Hysteria Collective implores you, as an individual using social media and the internet, to be responsible in the data you share about yourself and fill out the survey at

Companies like this don’t come around too often, revolutionary and genuine organisations founded by strong, bold and independent queer women trying to improve the world through the data we share. Make sure to check out their website.

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