Saturday Morning Coffee


I can’t say anything now

You won’t answer my call

You don’t pick up fast enough

I hang up on the third ring

I thought I knew you well

You didn’t speak at all

You let me create a version of you

I fooled myself into thinking it was true

I was manipulating your life

You were my muse to all my stories

You left on a Saturday morning

I was awake pretending to be dreaming

I heard you shut the door

You made me coffee as a peace offering

You touched my cheek before you went

I didn’t move, didn’t flinch

I held still as my heart broke

You were never a stranger until now

You cried as you walked down the stairs

I heard the echoes with every step

I’m terrible at goodbyes

You’re worse

You loved me quiet

I loved my version of you

Photo courtesy of Tyler Nix

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