it hurts

but not like physical pain

the type of pain you feel

deep inside, bruising your soul

making tears sting your eyes

desperately blinking to avoid them falling

so nobody will know

your pain inside

putting on a brave face

‘hey, how are you?’

‘I’m great thanks, you?’

pretending everything is just fine

at night

the mask falls

you let your emotions go

and feel the pain all over your body

with every heart beat

it spreads all around

but what hurts the most

is your head and your heart

it hurts


smiling on the outside

suffering on the inside


again and again

over and over

not knowing what to do

the lies you are told

for your best interests

the lies you tell yourself

to get through the days

but somewhere along the way

they days of keeping it together

will get easier

and fewer

it’s okay

you can do this

because the sun will shine again

and the light will drown out your darkness

Photo courtesy of Ilja Tulip

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