Introducing: Kutenda; The World’s First Diverse Greeting Cards Marketplace

Black Pound Day 2020 (September 5th) better be in your diaries as this year diverse greeting card business owner, Avila Chidume is launching Kutenda; the world’s first diverse greeting card marketplace.

Avila is no stranger to the diverse greeting card business having already created a hugely successful company of her own: Avila.Diana. She is now building on that success by creating a platform where entrepeneurs from diverse backgrounds can showcase their work and build their business. From greeting cards to mugs and teatowels – Kutenda aims to normalise and expand the reach of diverse gifts and cards by giving a platform to her fellow entrepeneurs.

Avila had the following to say about her latest project: “Kutenda translates to ‘thankful’ in Shona, which is a popular language spoken in my home country, Zimbabwe. For me, Kutenda is the perfect name for this platform because it encapsulates the difference I want to make with Kutenda: putting the personal and meaningful elements back into greeting cards.”

However, as this platform is the first of it’s kind – help is needed for it to come to life! This is why Kutenda is offering a one-of-a-kind partnership programme for greetings card entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. Partners of Kutenda will not only be able to sell and display their work via the platform, they will also become part of a community where their business can be supported and grown through resources and advice from experts in the industry.

Furthermore, to help expand the platform Avila has launched a crowdfunder.

Kutenda can be found at their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @kutendaoffical.

To hear from Avila directly, she can be contacted at

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