ADD in the Supermarket

you must remember to get the napkins

you say as I climb out of the car

but I already know that

because otherwise the ketchup will go everywhere

and burger juice will drip through our fingers

and what else do you expect to serve birthday cake with

they will be used as plates

although that’s bad for the environment

but they’ll keep the important things clean at least

I already packed everything else

all we need is extra bits and bobs

maybe some more suncream

and the napkins

the supermarket is loud


it seems like everyone is going to the beach today

there are no portable barbecues left

or bags of ice

there is a kid begging for a bucket and spade

and for a rubber ring so they can go swimming

its mum is on the phone with someone

trying to co-ordinate travel arrangements

whilst navigating their trolley through the aisles

I see a teenager staring longingly at a crate of beer

maybe it was lager

I don’t know

you’re the one who knows the difference between them

but you’re in the car


I grab some peach squash

and a picnic blanket because it’s on offer

the tannoy sounds overhead

someone called Sarah is needed at the tills

mums and their trollies begin to flock around the reduced section

I feel bad for the boy stocking it

he barely puts down that pizza and it’s already gone

another child starts screaming a couple of aisles over

it’s loud

and it’s about jam

I love jam

the only downside to it is that it’s sticky

and it’s hard to clean off your fingers


I move to find where they are hiding when I see a sign

your face cream is on offer

2 – 4 – 1

I pop it in the basket

is it the right one

I feel silly asking

I watch you put it on every night I should know by now

it looks like the right size tube

two kids come zooming past me

I nearly knock the display over

the hairs on my legs are on end now

it’s chilly

it’s cooler than being outside though

the sun is burning the grass

but I have my suncream on so I should be okay

I’m waiting in line to pay for the bits and bobs

a baby in the trolley in front is staring at me

I stare back

the mum gives me a funny look

I stick my tongue out at the baby

it laughs

beep beep beep

the scanner is loud

another tannoy announcement

Sarah is still needed at the tills

I wonder where she is

she could be smoking a fag out front

I don’t need a bag today

the escalator woman tells me to hold the hand rail

I don’t

I’m a rebel

I put the bags in the boot

you push my door open from the inside and give me a big grin

music blares from the speakers once the key is turned

take off the handbrake and we are on our way

about 10 minutes in my heart drops

I forgot the napkins.

Photo courtesy of Nathalia Rosa

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