Sculpture by the Lakes: a message to nature


Nature is beautiful.

Nature is where my anxiety fizzles away, into a distant place untouchable whilst surrounded by green forests.

As I walk along the paths speckled with sunlight and quiet, undisturbed by visitors, the sound of the birds fills my head and my heart.

All is good, here.

Looking over the lake, a sculpture of two heads reflect, making the most picturesque scene.

We bump into passer-byers on the way, who demonstrate a similar calmness and reflection as what we exhibit.

All is good, here.

As the sound of my camera snaps, snaps, snaps, the peace is not disturbed.

Placing our picnic blanket in the shade, looking out over the running river, all I can think about is how much beauty there is to witness.

Nature, good company and British sunshine makes for the ideal day.

Worries disperse. The pandemic ceases in my mind. We are safe, we are happy, we are free.

Everything is good, here.

These photos were taken whilst visiting Sculpture by the Lakes, which is located in Dorchester. If you have a spare day, I whole-heartedly recommend visiting.


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