Why Is The Bar So Low?

“My boyfriend is so amazing, he let’s me do whatever I want”

“I’m so lucky that my husband agrees with feminist views – he’s incredible”

“Well all of my male friends are great – none of them would ever assault or harass a woman”

These all too familiar quotes help me sum up the whole of the following article with one simple statement: we need to stop praising men for having the absolute bare minimum of decency that a human being should have.

I’ve seen this a sadly large amount. Women praising the men in their life for simply not assaulting anyone, actually respecting women or treating them as equals. Many of the women in my life expect so little from men that they are astounded when they meet a man that actually respects them and they praise him like he’s won a nobel prize.

Having these traits does not make a man extraordinary and it truly saddens me that people think that. To me, this shows that the bar is set so low for men nowadays that when they demonstrate signs of being a decent human being they are treated as some sort of messiah.

For example; when a man goes through a divorce, gets custody of the children and makes sacrifices to be a good father, he is seen as an incredible person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a man like this is not worthy of praise. I myself come from a single parent family and I know how difficult it is. However, my point is that single mothers are often subject to shame, prejudice and judgement for doing the exact same thing. Someone please tell me why this is the case? Well, we know why; the world hates women.

We simply must hold the men in our lives to a higher standard. We must expect better. We deserve better. By this I do not mean that you shouldn’t show gratitude when a man shows you kindness; (I remind my incredible boyfriend everyday how grateful I am for his kindness and love) but you should not glorify his actions, he is simply behaving as a human being should.

Never forget ladies, your fundamental human rights are more important than the male ego.

Photo courtesy of Lucia

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