I don’t want to write right now

I’ve been meaning to start for days.

Staring at the same to do list

You guessed it

For days

But I just can’t bring myself.

Sometimes it’s just too much

Too overwhelming

So I procrastinate

I have always been the queen

Of procrastination

But this is on a different level

This time it’s not just

For me

This time it means something

After exams I was going to be productive

In a way that isn’t just for the grades

I could be creative

And pour my heart out onto the page

But lockdown finally got to me

I was feeling useless

Helpless, even.

I wanted, no, needed, a job

But not one where I was


At home


I was in a rut

Maybe I still am

But now I feel renewed

Sometimes you just need to

Take a step back and look at the view

Go on a country walk and

Take in the beautiful English countryside

It’s humbling.


I feel ready

To put pen to paper

And do that thing

I’ve been meaning to start for days

Photo courtesy of Green Chameleon

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