A Poem to Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve It

I used to think you

were a witch, a bitch, all sorts of names

that would scratch that itch, not willing

to forgive for the things you said

and did to me; you don’t deserve

my time, or the things that I write,

but I can’t get you off

my mind; you’re stuck, like a scratched

record and I can’t get you

out, hearing your voice no matter what

I move toward, to move away from you;

as if we were still in school your snide remarks

still echoing through, day to day,

as if to say I can never escape

no matter how far I run.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be

like to forgive you. Could I be through

with you? It would be for the best

to put you to rest and move on,

and forget. I can’t forget what you said,

the words themselves

are gone, but for as long as I live, I’ll remember

what they did to me. You don’t deserve

these words as much as I don’t

deserve to remember you,

didn’t deserve to be put through

any of it. But it’s done

now, so please

could you just let me forget?

Photo courtesy of Lyn-C

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