I’ll go down through the gardens and lie to myself

Say it has more street lamps so it’s safer

For me to walk home


In truth I wanted to check you were home safe

And there you are

Your ethereal silhouette dancing across the window

As you pass in front of your lamp

Buzzing around as always I’d been a creature of the dark

Staying safely in the shade

Shrouded in shadows of navy and jade

Taking each day as it comes

With no plan

No idea of my future

Or the path I wanted to take

But you taught me how to brave the light

To love the sunshine and bright colours

Ocean breezes and pebbly beaches

You made me want to make plans and make you a part of them

Though it seems you had other ideas

So instead I’m walking home


Wandering down the road with lights overhead

Like in that film you love

With those lanterns over the ocean

That are there to guide the lost girl home

All I ask is that you

Keep your light on

Even just for another hour

So I’ll always be able to find you

Should you get lost.

Photo courtesy of Lucas Dersken

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