I want to provide you an apology,

And show you how much you mean to me.

I’m sorry for my cruel lies,

And if there were horrible goodbyes,

You’re the most beautiful woman I know,

And I think of you wherever I go.

You’re the person I will always call

If I feel myself about to fall.

You’ve held me whenever I’ve cried,

And for you, there’s nothing I can hide,

I couldn’t think of any other

As you are the best mother.

I love you

F – 06/12/19

Photo courtesy of Guille Pozzi

Categories: Poetry

Issy Steventon

I'm a part time author, poet and artist (when university allows me to) and I love to express myself through creative means. I write to represent the women that feel alone, and to provide a positive environment to those who need it.

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