In the back of your mind, there’s always a fear
because there are days when you just want to disappear.
When you open your eyes and the anxiety hits
you feel for this life, you are truly unfit.

But you power on through, and try to ignore
the feelings that shake you to your core.
You write them down softly, those thoughts in your mind
hoping it’ll stop you feeling confined

to the head space that’s yours and yours only to view,
that space in your head that is feeling so blue.
Every thought in your mind seems so black and so white
filled with negative feelings that feel hard to fight.

I see you, I hear you, trying to find
a way to escape the thoughts on your mind.
You struggle to believe you’ll get through this okay
but although it is tough, you always find a way

to keep talking, keep going, and keep sharing too.
There are so many people who believe in you.
They believe you are strong, and that you can recover.
There’s a whole life out there for you to discover.

Photo by Oliver Hihn

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