hot girl summer

It’s the change of skirt before you leave the house

(plus the jacket you wear though it’s the hottest day of the year),

the route you take

(or would’ve taken if you weren’t so scared),

and the pictures you get

(on the phone you bring ‘just in case’).

It’s the catch-up with a friend

(though you only called because you were anxious),

the summer heat

(or the nervous sweats)

and the cute sandals

(that leave blisters after you walked too quickly).

It’s the smile they give

(when you check if they’re following you),

the roads they cross

(which always seem to be the same ones as you)

and the steps they take

(towards you, never away).

It’s turning around and going home

(because you don’t feel safe anymore),

the comfort of your bed

(because you need to be alone)

and the cup of tea

(that will hopefully wash it all away).

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