Letters From Lockdown 67: Jenna Campbell

Dear Neighbours,

It sounded like you had fun last weekend. The kids were playing and screaming to their hearts’ content, you adults were chatting away, catching up after weeks of not seeing each other I’m sure. The food smelt great by the way! I don’t know if you heard though, the whole country is actually under lockdown right now because of a global pandemic.

It’s called Covid-19. It started way back in December, in China. I would assume that you know where China is on the map, but just in case you don’t (which let’s face it, your knowledge of the world around you does seem limited), it’s quite far away. So far away in fact, that it seems almost impossible that an illness that started there could make its way across the globe so quickly, but it did. It did make its way to this country and now everyone else is sacrificing seeing their family and friends, and far too many have even sacrificed their lives.

That’s why the shops are shut, that’s why we can’t go out and eat in restaurants, it’s why your kids aren’t in school and it’s why so many people have lost their jobs and even worse, their lives. You know every Thursday when you can hear me and our other neighbours clapping in our front gardens? It’s our way of thanking the frontline staff who are risking their lives and for us.

You mustn’t have heard all of this, otherwise, why would so many of you gather in one place? You obviously didn’t hear that Covid-19 has caused almost 40,000 people to take their last, painful breath. If you had heard that, you wouldn’t put your children at so much risk.

Maybe you did hear all of this, it seems unlikely that anyone could be so selfish. Perhaps you did hear though, and you thought ‘I can have a few people around, as long as we’re outside’. If that’s the case, let me clear things up a little bit, you can meet one person outside of your household at a time, as long as it is outside, and as long as you maintain a 2 metre distance. A big BBQ in your back garden, which is barely 5 metres wide, means it is impossible to maintain those 2 metres.

Too many of us haven’t seen our families in months. We’ve lost our jobs. People have died, all alone, terrified, because their family were not allowed to see them, but you thought you were above that. You thought that didn’t matter. As long as you get to enjoy yourself, hey?


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