Through the Lens: South America.

There’s something pleasantly surprising about walking down streets in South America. You never know if you’ll come across some amazing (but sometimes oddly placed) street art, a protest, someone selling fruit and veg on their doorstep, a friendly street dog or friendly local, an unexpected beautiful view or the face of Simone de Beauvoir. If you’re in need of walking down a bustling street, full of people, life and noise, you know where to aim to go as soon as lockdown is lifted.

Chile, the homeland of countless natural beauties, world renowned poets, pisco and llamas… none of this would be complete without its vibrant streets, lined with hundreds of electricity cables tangled at some point in almost every road, its street food, or the amazing street art… especially well known in Valparaiso.

And just as peacefully across the border in streets of Uyuni, Bolivia…

Across another border, the streets were a bit more lively.

“Peru, Peru. My heart’s lighthouse.”
Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Easter Island: the enigma of the Pacific.

And in the country which gave birth to the tango and gauchos, the streets of Buenos Aires are lined with lively music, friendly locals and more bright colours.

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