Letters from Lockdown 66: Issy Steventon

Dear Nan,

Happy birthday to the both of us first of all, today I’m nineteen and you would have been ninety-two! I would have loved to spend our birthday together, but with everything going on, you’re much safer resting where you are.

I miss you a lot, and I always try and be positive. Your lovely great granddaughters are blossoming into sweet and beautiful little girls and you would be so proud of them. I hope wherever you are, you are resting peacefully and that you’d be celebrating your birthday. 

I’ll tell you my plans for the day, as I sit here typing away at my laptop in a towel after showering. I’ll probably go for a walk, and I made a cake too and decorated my flat. My flatmates surprised me this morning at midnight on the dot with my presents and some silly string, which was very funny. I’m probably going to get photos and then for dinner, I have no idea. I’ll be playing games with everyone later on and I’m really excited.

You are loved, and cared about, and Mum misses you so so much. I miss you too, and I’ll never forget the moments when we did manage to share our birthday together. 

When I was in school, I hated my birthday. I felt like the only people who appreciated it were my family and you, but now I know, it doesn’t matter. Even if it just is me celebrating it in quarantine, I can open a bottle of wine, buy myself some flowers and then dress up in pretty clothes and I would love it.

The overwhelming amount of people who have said “Happy Birthday!” has actually surprised me. I never would have expected it. It really is the best feeling.

Anyway, I have to get on with my day, but just know I am here thinking of you on this special day.

I love you, nanny. 

Issy xxx

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