The Effects of Quarantine On Family: My Experience

Across the world, families are being forced into small spaces together in the lockdown procedure. Multiple families have had to adjust to home-schooling, and many have exhibited their outrage and pain with this lockdown through social media. In fact, from what I have seen, it seems it’s become the norm to dislike your own children or partner. Luckily, this has not been the case for me.

My family have always been close. I would consider my upbringing to be the reason I am so proud of who I am today.

Going to university, I made sure I was not too far from home. The open days that I attended were no more than an hour away, whilst my friends from home were applying to places across the country, eager to leave home.

I’ve always been grateful for my family, but lockdown has showed me just how important a good relationship with my family is.

Before lockdown even began, we were all joking around about how it would actually be quite fun if we were stuck together. We are lucky enough to have the perfect garden to spend time in (thanks to mum, who has taken up more gardening than ever in lockdown), and each have our own space, so we knew it would work. Once lockdown officially hit, though, it works better than I originally had thought.

We have created a flawless film schedule, where each of us take in turns picking a film that we all have to watch, no phones or distractions allowed. This has worked well, and we’ve watched a fair few of differing genre. One night we’ll be on Monsters University, and the next night we’re watching A Clockwork Orange. Perhaps the only flaw to this schedule has been my fear of literally everything, meaning I have to scroll on my phone for quite a while to recover from what I have just witnessed (a particular example is our viewing of Silence of the Lambs).

Along with the films, our participation in a few online quizzes a week has made the time in lockdown move a LOT faster. It’s hard to work out where the past 7 or 8 weeks have gone, when I feel like all I’ve done is lose quizzes and watch films…

Also, Mario Kart.  We have played a LOT of Mario Kart.

Basically, I am so grateful for the family I am in. Lockdown has been a fairly enjoyable experience for us all (perhaps because I am the only one not having to go into work), and it’s forced us to participate in more family activities than ever before.

Maybe, one day this month, we’ll brave a Monopoly game. Maybe.

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