Letter from Lockdown 64: Georgie Holmes

Dear Yoga,

Thank you for becoming my only form of exercise during lockdown.

My entire adolescence was spent thinking about how I was not sporty enough, not talented enough, and not cool enough to do yoga. I lacked any suitable, comfy leggings, and I lacked the motivation to push myself into trying something new. That is, until lockdown made me discover just how accessible you are as a form of exercise.

On YouTube, there are more videos about yoga than I ever thought there was. I flicked between a couple of teachers, but on finding Yoga With Adriene I have stuck with her since. Completing her 30-day Yoga Challenge felt like a huge milestone in my yoga journey (despite it taking me over 30 days to finish), and I knew that my journey was not ready to end there.

Having never exercised properly before, you were a challenge at first. Holding a plank for more than 3 seconds felt impossible, so I would never have guessed that just over a month of practicing would have me doing side planks (albeit, only for a couple of seconds).

The perk of each day for me is no longer going to bed – it’s now getting on the mat, no matter how long, for some time to myself. Sometimes I am prepared for yoga, sporting my brand new Fabletics. But, sometimes I just get on the mat in my pyjamas. That’s the beauty of yoga – it can be done anywhere, in anything.

My next challenge to tackle is The Crow pose. I am determined I will crack it, and I know I will have a lot of fun along the way. I am ready to fall on my face (multiple times), and I am ready for the inevitable arm ache. But it’ll be worth it, I know it.

My favourite practice of all has been Yoga for Stress. I used to not believe in the positive impacts of yoga. After all, how much good can twisting your body into strange positions do for your well-being? But, as it turns out, the answer is quite a lot of good! Since starting, I have noticed a change in my posture and a change in my attitude towards things. No longer is “find what feels good” just a phrase I say on the mat – it’s become my mantra for tasks I have to complete in the day. You have taught me not to rush, and not to panic. Instead, simply just be.

Thank you, yoga, for changing my outlook towards exercise, and my outlook towards life – I hope to continue practicing for as long as I can, during and after lockdown.

Georgie x


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