Take Me to Penang Via Amazon Prime

Tonight I watched a travel show,

there was some cooking too,

I promise there is nothing better when you are feeling blue.

Take a trip to Hoi An with Bourdain,

Despite the fact he’s gone,

See the cocaine riches of South America,

Where each loss has been won,

by one.

And piles of food lie before you,

Like a biblical feast on cheap,

With pig and cow and duck and goose, and once innocent baby sheep.

Binged in street markets across the world,

Eaten from a taco truck,

I want to eat what Anthony eats and get drunk enough that I say fuck,

YEAH I will eat what you put before me,

lay shots out and I will drink them too,

but nothing you know about his life really turned out to be true.

I’d love to hear what Tony would say about this here life we are leading,

But the time has passed,

where I could ask,

for sweet Anthony’s soul was bleeding.

So Patron Saint,

Of the late night market,

We know you are no more,

But your legacy lives,

of what the world gives,

on a plate and of humanity’s core.

Imy Brighty-Potts

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