Letters From Lockdown 63: Imy Brighty-Potts

Dear Mumma and Da,

Today I am leaving for a while, after we have spent the last few months together. I mean, I am happy to go back to the little life I have tomorrow, to my routine and space, just for the last month I can, before the curtains close on my adolescence, wild years and just being ‘a kid’.

I was apprehensive, a little nervous coming home. I haven’t been home for this long in three years, and I am a creature of my routine, as much as you guys are. So yeah, I was nervous, not knowing how long this would be for, scared about my degree, my friends, my relationship, graduation, and the months of my life that could’ve been wasted for me. But we fell so nicely into our new normal, didn’t we?

It’s been so stressful, the uncertainty of all of this, but I feel like we have made it a lot easier for each other, at least you guys have for me. The routine of long walks with Dex, Saturday Morning Kitchen with James Martin, Friday Film nights and trips to the grocers and butchers. These things are normal, mundane things maybe, but they have been calm, pleasant and refreshing when so much is fraught. The smell of the suncream we have used since I was small, favourite meals and scrabble games with you both have been so wonderful.

And now I am heading back to Southampton for a little while.

I am excited, trust me, I am. But I also am really going to miss this routine, this life. The garden, the dog, even the grocers. But especially you. I am ready to move home for good now, ready for that post-grad life, but most of all ready to go back to our new normal.

I’ll see you soon and I am always on the end of the phone. Thank you for being daft and fun, busy and inspiring, but most of all, the best parents I could have, and two darn good Lockdown Partners. I am so glad we are a team.

All my love always,

Imsy xxx

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