Letters from Lockdown 59: Georgie Holmes

Dear my best friend, Hannah,

We’ve been friends for 16 years, and I can say that 2020 has definitely been the hardest year yet.

With us both studying at different unis, separating into our different friendship groups, it’s sometimes hard to keep touch. But, you enter my mind every day at some point (mostly because I think of something hilarious that you have done or said over the years).

I haven’t seen you properly in over two months now. Despite living a literal three-minute walk from your house, you feel further away now than you ever have before.

This lockdown has made me think a lot about my relationships with people, and life in general. I mean, I have had a whole two months alone with my thoughts, so this is probably normal. But I’m writing this letter to remind you (in case you forgot) that you are my best friend.

FaceTiming you pretty much every day is usually my highlight of the day. Whether it’s a silent FaceTime dedicated to work, or it’s an impromptu call because we needed a good catch up, I am so grateful for Mr. Steve Jobs for allowing us to keep in contact in a time where everything and everyone feel so distant.

However, this isn’t a letter to Apple – it’s one to you. I am so lucky to call you my friend, and I’m so lucky to have found someone just as odd (perhaps even odder) than me. Thanks for the past 16 years, and I can’t wait to annoy you for many years more!

But, for now, I look forward to our next beach walk/Wagamama visit/forest drive when this is all over.


Georgie x

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