Letters from Lockdown 54: Megan Gaen

To myself two months ago today,

It’s all going to be okay. I know you are feeling scared right now, but you can do it. Today is the day you leave Germany and you will get home! You have your boarding pass and you will get on that plane.

I promise that two months from now, you will feel like a different person, but I do warn you, it hasn’t been easy getting there. You will feel anxious, overwhelmed and scared at times, but you will be home. You can muddle through it all with Mum and Dad at home, Oly on FaceTime, watching dog videos with Rux and by sharing memes with Alex and Elenie. 

Plans will change. Okay, to be honest, pretty much every plan will be cancelled. Korf Tour won’t happen, so you don’t have to worry about flying back into Europe (or your lack of fitness!). Mum and Dad coming out to visit you in Lübeck for your birthday won’t happen, as you’ll be home on that day (and there may be a fat takeaway and some caramel brownies involved!). You won’t get to see Dua Lipa in Hamburg with Meg, as our post-YARP celebration, but you will get to see her one day!

Speaking of the YARP, you did it! It’s submitted now. Congratulations! Another weight has lifted, and you are free from uni until September. This doesn’t mean you’ve stopped writing though. You’re keeping your blog going, writing for other magazines too and soon you’ll be taking over as Lifestyle Editor at Wessex Scene. You will make that happen!

All of these things will happen, the good and the bad, but the main thing is you will get through it and you will be okay! Although right now, you are feeling so afraid about getting home, you will get there and you will start to thrive again. Have faith in yourself. Trust in yourself. You will take yourself to where you need to be (with a little help from your friends and family too!). I believe in you, which means you believe in yourself!

Keep your head up and keep your heart strong!


Megan (May 2020)

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