Dear You


I finally let go

Even though I felt guilty

(thanks to your poisonous control)

I cut you off.

I thank myself.

One time, what my heart felt

was a strong adoration

for your sickly ways

and stupid gaze.

But now, my heart recovers

and feels the anger in its

dying embers and ash.

You were a demon

with your alluring lies

and silly manipulations

And I was oblivious and ignorant,

still believing in the fake good.

The sex may have been the best,

But you lied and lied

and broke me and kicked me down.

Yet, you didn’t know,

what you last gave me

was a roaring fire

that would not tire

until you suffered

from your thoughtless, selfish actions.

M – 06/04/20

Photo by Matt Seymour

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