I Know What Keeps Us Young

The gold you were chasing whiled away,

A quest stained by the capricious fantasies of the day

My guts feel burned by the stolen liquor you took from your dad

Kept hidden on the third shelf on the right

Covered with the evening’s mottled lights.

That morning we took the long way back

You cried about the gold you haven’t found

And I repress a smile for our cherished misdeeds

I wouldn’t undo – but instead crowned

Let’s not run out of last minutes miracles.

The dawn is burning the reefs

I’d like to dive in the blue waters with you, deep,

Deep down until we reach the base of the island

You can’t lose heart, we’ll see it

Maybe it’ll help us to wash away our desires

Immediately followed by their antidote – fear.

The salted waters are now covering your legs

You forgot about your gold as you watch me

Standing here and covered in sunlight

Now I safely bet that once we’ll reach the island’s base

None of these desires would have faded away

For this garble echo of past summers singing in our heart

Is stronger than the fear of losing it all

Of one day not being young, anymore.

Maëlle Leggiadro

Photo by Ankhesenamun @ Unsplash

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