Letters From Lockdown 43: Cerys Edwards

To the children of tomorrow,

You are probably going to ask us what we went through,

And where did all the masks go?

If we have any sense left at all, we will tell you,

They were being worn by our demons to hide their vices,

To cover the reason for this crisis,

For hitting snooze on global issues,

By favouring materialistic commodities over lives and necessities.

So now our mother has sent us to our rooms,

We overstepped the mark, by leaving too many marks,

On her delicate crust,

Penetrating deep into her catacombs,

Losing her trust.

We slurped up every drop of her bitter oil,

Every speck of her sweet gold,

Now she’s dry as a bone,

Finally, we’ve let her be and she thrives on her own.

We underestimated her sacredness and our fragility,

Hopefully you will have a little more humility,

Your actions and words won’t be so heartless,

Because your light,

Will rise from our darkness.

Peace and love,

from a child of yesterday.

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