Letters from Lockdown 39: Louise Chase

To Mum and Dad,

I honestly think this is the most time the four of us, as well as the cat and the dog, have spent in one another’s company. Sure, the summer holidays are six weeks long, but we’ve spent those six weeks in one another’s company the entire time.

And I have to say, we’re all getting along a lot better than I expected.

The only tantrum so far seems to have been from the cat.

And I know that I am not always the easiest person to live with – in the two years since I started University I’ve changed and become my own person. Yes, sometimes that does mean going to bed at 3am after finishing an asssignment, just to have some peace. Or putting up with dad’s endless documentaries on cars that I am sure we’ve seen at least four times already. Or turning down the tv when mum has conference calls.

Compromise: it’s what we’ve been reasonably good at.

But do you know what? As much as I complain about being home and needing some space to concentrate on what I’m doing for a moment (Dad, just because it’s not the same work as mum doesn’t mean it’s not important!!) I have missed this. Studio flats get lonely after a while, and while I love time to relax and have to myself in evenings, being able to relax around people is also something remarkable.

I spent 19 years being able to have any question answered at he drop of a hat, working together on anything I asked. Kind of childish, now that I’ve had time to develop as a person, but I mean, we are a childish bunch. What’s the point of four adults not being allowed to have fun once in a while? I can be adult when I want to be – just look how I survived that event in London for a weekend over my birthday weekend last year. Or the amount of projects I’ve organised that I know some people might not be able to.

Okay, so I’m a pain sometimes, a bit too energetic over the smallest excitement (we really do need some better entertainment than waiting for a parcel to arrive, as amusing as your reaction was mum) and I know you don’t always click with the Asexual thing, or my fascination with nerdy culture. Just as I don’t understand some of your hobbies or reasonings.

And I miss them when they’re not there. I miss stealing a hug en route to the kitchen, or grabbing the biscuits on the way back.

Dad, I’ll give the biscuits back. Eventually.

And I know you loving having me home – saves having to phone in an hour’s time when your film has finished or microwave my dinner as I didn’t want to cut you off, and it went cold.

We’re learning a lot about one another being in this period, which still surprises me. But I’m glad for it. We’ve all changed since September 2018, and I’m glad we can catch up.

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