Letters from Lockdown 37: Rosie Hughes

Dear Friends (you know who you are..),

I have always been blessed with friends who support my values; loyalty, kindness, determination, integrity and generosity. To say I am missing you all is an understatement.

The modern, connected world provides possibilities via text, email, endless apps and zoom conferencing but comes nowhere close to compensating for real space laughter, hugs and shared experiences.

Individually, you noticed me standing all alone at the school gate, fighting back tears and a rising sense of panic and said ‘Right, tell me what’s going on’.

You took me out for the day when my invitation to a family wedding was rescinded on the instructions of my ex husband.

You got me home safely when far too much gin had been drunk, our fascinators were more than a little crooked and at least one shoe was missing.

You asked me to be godmother to your ‘surprise’ new arrival and I was (and continue to be) honoured.

You indulge me, look after me, laugh both at and with me and support me. I hope I do the same for you.

Thank you.

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