Letters From Lockdown 33: Georgia Hunt

Dear Future Self,

I wonder what you’re doing right now. Where you’re living. What the weather is like. What colour your hair is – that’s a big question, knowing you. What coffee you drink. What music you listen to, what movies you say you like – again, big question. 

What do you do on a daily basis? Do you still read last thing at night before you fall asleep? Did you end up doing what you set out to do? I wonder. 

The time I write to you from is tumultuous. Things are changing everyday and everything is a bit uncertain. It is April, currently. Two weeks away from your 21st birthday. 

So, happy birthday Future Self. 

I hope you are full of happiness and love and a little space to cry when watching movies. Do you still do that? I know I do. 

I’d love to see you. See where you spend time with your friends, your loved ones. See if you ever got to take that road trip you’d always wanted to take. See if your twenties really were the time of your life. 

Do you still love reruns of shows you’ve seen a thousand times yet could never get bored of? Do you still belt music out in the car when you’re alone? I wonder what you sound like. If I would still recognise your voice. I hope so. You’re still you, you can’t have changed that much, right?

You catch me in a time, Future Self, where my years ahead are unknown. I was set to graduate this summer, but with everything going on it is postponed. I still work to deadlines which are now distorted but seem important nonetheless. There is an unsettling air that rests over the world at the moment. By the time you read this, I hope it has settled and we are back to being able to hold the people we love, catch a movie and watch the stars. 

Do you still love the stars? You’ve always had a fascination with space. I wonder if you did anything with that. Or if you continued to visit planetariums whenever you could. I hope so. I wouldn’t want to lose that. 

Well, for now Future Self, I shall leave you with a quote I know you love and won’t forget. 

‘There are places to go beyond belief.’

For now and always with love,

Past You.

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