I see you on the walk back
Black makeup running down your face
Flipping your phone in your fingers
As a game you use to pretend and forget
That the people are staring at you down the street
You feel like you are falling
But you are not wearing heels
And you reach to flatten your hair
but the hands reach to mess it back up again
and the sun glares at you
as you wonder if it is too bright or if it just you
so you reach to pull your jacket around you
because your small broken body screams at you
to cover your skin which feels dirty
and uncomfortable

until you are left questioning who you are
on this bright street
that you are not sure if this is you

Or an illusion of yourself
Or a shadow
So you walk the street
All the way home

But it feels like forever
And all you can think

What would your dad say if he could see you now

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