Letters From Lockdown 28: Amy Penn

To My Best Friends,

What a crazy time we’re living in, it feels like I haven’t seen you all in ages, and between illness, pandemics and busy lives, I probably haven’t. I’m sorry that Tuesday nights are now zoom nights, not nights spent laughing in pubs and restaurants, I’m glad we’re all keeping in touch but we all know its not the same.

I can’t wait until all of this is over and we can boogie on the floor of Le Pub after one too many pint cocktails once again. I can’t wait for you guys to tell me off because I’ve done too many shots or wandered off like I usually do. I can’t wait for us to have pissed piggyback races down Cambrian road like we used to, I can’t wait for road trips to the beach and walks along the sea wall. The thing is, this distance hasn’t just been since the pandemic for us, it’s been on and off for about a year and I’m sorry. I’m sorry my health keeps us apart and cancels our plans sometimes and I’m sorry that dancing until three in the morning is now more of a chore for me than I’d like it to be.

I’m sorry that we sometimes all get ready to go out and I have to cancel last minute because my health is playing up or my anxiety kicks in and I’m sorry that I was absent for most of the last summer and autumn and winter. I can’t promise that this year will be different but I hope so much that it will.

I’m so lucky to have you all, you’ve stood by me when times have been scary and sad and you’ve always understood that I’m a bit different without ever making me feel weird, and I know you’ll all tell me off for saying sorry.

I’m so sorry that it feels like this year has stolen so much from us; graduations, new houses, and new jobs but please remember that this mess is just temporary and how proud of you I am.

You may not have a grad ball or the last night in the SU or the ending you’d always wished for but I promise when all of this is over, when I’m better, when everything in the world has calmed down a bit, we’ll celebrate like its nobody’s business. God knows we deserve it.

I Love you more than G loves Strictly,

Amy x

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