Letters From Lockdown 25: EJ Jennings

To the readers, in this unprecedented time for us all, be kind and stay safe. Take each day as it comes. This will get better. Love and light to you all. 

Hey You,

The World is kinda crazy at the moment and it has left Me feeling nervous. It’s been awhile since we said more than 3 words to each other but Nothing about this world is certain right now and I want this to be Written down somewhere in case One day, Even if just by chance you read this, you’ll know how I feel about You all these years later. 

You’re a ghost in my life now, a not so faceless ghost, but still a ghost. 

The, not quite so strange, stranger. Because if we Bumped into each other on the street we’d recognise each other’s faces but not the Story of our lives since we last talked.

You’re question mark on a Specific point in time of my life and I don’t think You will ever become an answer to the Question that You left Me with.

For the Most part, despite the blatant obvious, it looks like you’re doing better. I hope You are. You look happier than I have ever seen You, maybe It’s because of her, I don’t know But You should be Proud of yourself. I’m incredibly Proud of You. You did it and it took guts! Congratulations. I have Nothing but admiration for Your success so far.

Maybe You think this is Weird, it’s been years and we haven’t talked since. We didn’t even know each other that Long but You left an Impression on me that changed Me for the Better….Probably saved my life. I found Help Eventually and sorted myself out once and for all. I’m in a Better Place now. 

I Leave next year, for the places that I talked about, to do the things that I dared to dream but never said aloud to anyone but You. It’s really happening and once it does, I’m not sure if I’ll come back. A part of Me hopes I don’t. I Love my country, but not the scars that it has left Me with, as You know all too well. 

Maybe One day, if I come back, we’ll bump into each other somehow, as passing distant faces walking by. I will nod my head and smile at You and maybe, just maybe, you’ll acknowledge me too….but You always were unpredictable, I suspect You still are. Just don’t Cross the road to avoid Me. 

Take Care of Yourself, these are Unprecedented times for us All.

May We Meet Again.

This is a Letter from Isolation. 

To You,

From Me.

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