Letters From Lockdown 24: Raffaella Patmore

Dear introverts,

Please teach us extroverts your ways as we are struggling during this time. It seems that this lockdown is something you have been training for your whole life, though I don’t know if personality type you’re born with counts as training. Having an actual official excuse not to leave the house or see anyone must be a dream come true for you. To be able to spend time by yourself and reflect and just be alone and to have to be 6 feet away from everyone when you do go out must be like all your prayers have been answered. Us extroverts, however, are at a loss, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

We try to recreate social experiences by doing online pub quizzes and online pub trips. Personally, my battery is always drained from the amount of facetimes that I have been doing. But these are like vegetarian chicken nuggets for a meat eater. Kinda looks and taste the same but will never be as good as the real thing. Nothing will be as good for an extrovert as physically being with people and being outside with people. Because, although the facetimes are helping ease some of the struggle, when you hang up, you’re still just sitting in your room by yourself drinking a glass of wine. It scratches the itch just a bit, but doesn’t get rid of it completely. All we can do as extroverts is try and keep ourselves entertained and dream about when we can finally be out of the house and see other people.

So, introverts, while you’re basking in all of this time by yourself, please be kind to your extroverted friends and family who are finding it really hard to adjust to this new way of life, which is the opposite of what they are used to. Accept the fact that we might sometimes annoy you with random conversation and may seem a bit insane from time to time. And, when this is all over, us extroverts will try not to force you out for a drink when this is all over.

Kind regards,

An extrovert that is struggling.   

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