By an anonymous author.

I call you
But you do not answer
Again, and again I call
but you leave me to sit and stare into the silence
Amidst this deafening gulf
And I allow myself to believe
That you are the one that will be there for me
When I really need you
The one who will walk through the flames and the dust, like a mirage, come to save me
But when you answer me with this silence
It reveals that you are just a boy
In the most stereotypical sense of the word
And this upsets me not because I wished you would love me in the way that I love you
But because I thought you were unique
I thought you existed so far from any stereotype
that you were superhuman
An angel
Something extraordinary
But superhumans do not exist
And you have not only made me fall out of love for you
But you have made me fall out of the idea of love,
of the idea that one can have the power to see into someone’s soul.
You have crushed me like a child’s heart
when they are told Santa Clause
is not real.
You were the promise of a type of magic that never came
The promise of a better life that was never within my grasp

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