Letters from Lockdown 20: Lamis Captan

This is a letter to one of my besties Dina – she is currently serving our country working in the hospital for the NHS, show her some love x

Dear Dina, 

Myself (and the nation) have so much to thank you for during this lockdown. Well, let’s start with the most obvious thing first! Thank you for all of your hard work at the hospital right now. You’re one of the people keeping the country together right now, and I am so proud to call you one of my best friends. 

The same way you remedy problems at work is how you remedy issues at home. You are the one person who always wants cohesion in your friends and family. The way you approach each sticky situation, peacefully and calmly always overwhelms me, I have a lot to learn from you. On that note, you still need to teach me how you nap for 6 hours straight, also a skill I am very jealous of. 

You are the girl who has stuck by me for three years, through thick and thin, and I know I will keep forever. Whether its heading home from the club early to collect our Maccies, or sharing a love for horror (Brahms will forever b our boy crush x x x) I know I always have a friend in you. I hope this lockdown ends soon (for the sake of the country) but also so I can join you back on campus buying too many snacks in Hartley, or getting a bit too lit in Slug and Lettuce, or even just chilling out in our big garden we got the privilege of renting this year. I think I need to stop reminiscing on all of these memories now because this nostalgia is making me feel very sad and reflective. Knowing that for the foreseeable future we can’t go to Grad Ball, and share our graduation day breaks my heart, but I feel a bit better when I reflect on all of the fun memories we have built together over the last three years. For now, I’ll enjoy our FaceBook calls, and adding to the secret wedding Pinterest boards we hide from our boyfriends:). I hope you stay safe and sane, try and take each day in your stride, we are so close to the finish line, who knew we would have made it so fast!

Love and miss you, 

Lam xx

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