indefinitely and always

you’ve laid there sleeping while I type,

caffeinated fingers darting across the keyboard,

the fan inside trying to keep up as my lap gets warmer and the words flow freely.

you left your music on as you wriggle,

legs tangled up in the duvet,

mind caught up in slumber.

things have been changing,

people leaving,

new beginnings turning to endings.

i’ll get in my car soon and you’ll watch me drive up the road,

and i’ve never left before,

without knowing when i’m coming back.

but darling girl I promise you this,

there are more walks for me to be holding your hand,

and more songs to sing together.

there will be more fresh bread,

late night chats,

and pints on the curb.

i may be leaving indefinitely,

but i am staying,

for always.


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